IBM to Distribute CA’s eBusiness Solutions

IBM has selected Computer Associate International's (CA) Enterprise Storage Management Solutions to accompany its OS/390 SystemPac program for worldwide distribution. CA's Enterprise Storage solutions add management, monitoring and automated data storage capabilities to the SystemPac program and can be leveraged in both distributed and centralized environments. For eBusiness applications to run successfully, the uninterrupted availability of storage systems is essential. CA's Enterprise Storage solutions are designed to ensure continuous, 24x7 storage system availability.

CA-Vantage is CA's first storage product offered through SystemPac. CA-Disk, including the OS/390 UNIX Edition, CA-Vtape, CA-Allocate and CA-Compress will soon be added to the program. Other products distributed through SystemPac include CA's DB2 for OS/390 solutions and CA's SOLVE Enterprise Network Management products.

CA-Disk provides OS/390 backup, restore, migration and recovery. A new release providing improved backup and archive run-time performance, support for enhanced high-density tape devices (IBM 3590E and STK 9840/3590), enhanced disaster recovery capabilities and support for Snapshot Copy will soon be available. The OS/390 UNIX Edition that provides file restoration from the UNIX console, high-speed HFS physical backup, improved backup and archive run-time performance, Move/Copy at the file level, and auto-restore capability will be available in the near future.

Under the SystemPac agreement, IBM will function as an additional distribution channel for these CA solutions. Products ordered through SystemPac are pre-installed, fully tested, and bundled in IBM's OS/390 system tapes. CA also continues to offer the Enterprise Storage Management solutions directly to the end user. Through its CAMPUS (CA Extended Maintenance Upgrade Service), CA offers a software suite that is customizable for each client, as well as through VARs, system integrators and other channels.

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