IBM, ShowCase Sign OEM Agreement on OLAP Server

Jim Martin

ShowCase Corp. (Rochester, Minn.), an AS/400 Enterprise Intelligence solution provider, is expanding its relationship with IBM through an OEM agreement.

Under terms of the agreement, ShowCase and IBM will jointly develop IBM DB2 OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing) server for the AS/400, which will be available July 23. The agreement gives IBM access to the Essbase technology for the AS/400 and allows it to sell it under IBM’s own Brand name.

The new IBM DB2 OLAP server will provide a relational storage manager option that provides the analytical power of Essbase and stores data in the familiar format. ShowCase Essbase/400 will be used to develop IBM business intelligence (BI) solutions that will be sold to the AS/400 community.

Using Essbase/400, customers have the tools necessary to conduct multidimensional analysis. It allows them to build, populate, calculate and query a multidimensional database founded on user-defined calculation and data loading rules. Essbase/400 consists of a multidimensional database server, a PC-based tool for creating and maintaining the database, and Microsoft Excel and Lotus 1-2-3 add-ins that provide end user access to the Essbase/400 database.

For ShowCase, the relationship gives them further access to IBM customers through the IBM direct and business partner sales forces.

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