Trend Micro Shipping Anti-virus for Domino R5

Jim Martin

Internet security solution provider Trend Micro Inc. (Cupertino, Calif.) has announced that ScanMail 1.9 for Lotus Notes is scheduled to ship on the AS/400 platform in mid-June. The announcement means that Trend Micro now offers Lotus Domino R5 anti-virus support on a full range of platforms—NT, AS/400 and S/390.

With more and more AS/400 companies turning to Domino for their messaging and Web application software platform, the newest version of ScanMail provides Domino R5 customers with a solution that protects Notes databases and mail from Internet and e-mail viruses.

ScanMail 1.9 detects and cleans viruses from Notes mail, shared databases and during Notes replication. Some features include: notifies senders, recipients and administrators of virus infection warnings; automatically delivers virus pattern updates through the Internet; activity logs for tracking virus events; and provides remote management from any Notes workstations or browser.

“IBM AS/400 and S/390 servers are increasingly being used by large and midsize organizations to run e-business mission-critical workloads and applications,” says Rolf Rennemo, ScanMail for Lotus Notes product manager. “Trend Micro is committed to working with IBM and Lotus to help provide high-performance Internet content security solutions for Lotus Notes Domino R5 that ensure data integrity and reduce server downtime.”

Pricing for ScanMail 1.9 is on a per seat/volume basis. The SRP for ScanMail for Lotus Notes is $26.00/seat for a 1,000-seat license.

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