WRQ Launches New EAI Solutions

WRQ has unveiled its new suite of enterprise application integration solutions. The suite includes WRQ VeraStream, the company’s first branded release of the recently acquired SuperNova technology, and an updated release of WRQ Apptrieve (v. 3.5). With WRQ’s EAI technology, customers now have the ability to unify sophisticated enterprise applications with each other and with the Web, while building a solid framework for business process integration within and between enterprises.

In the real world of information technology, most information systems are complex and highly customized, including legacy hosts such as IBM mainframes and packaged applications, like SAP. In addition, IT is challenged to leverage these systems to serve suppliers and customers while technology and business environments are constantly changing. WRQ VeraStream meets these needs by combining rapid visual development tools, a broad set of native database and application adapters and a powerful integration engine that can adapt to both current and future environments. WRQ Apptrieve, a host integration solution, unlocks business logic and data in terminal-based host applications via standard object-based technology, without reengineering the host application.

WRQ VeraStream combines the interoperability of integration platforms and adapters with the strength of visual application development tools based on the powerful Universal Integration Engine. WRQ VeraStream includes a Universal Integration Engine (UIE) that is the underlying core technology utilized by all VeraStream components. The UIE insulates application developers and integrators from the complexities of interoperability requirements among applications. VeraStream also includes: visual tools for fast implementation and rapid development of new Web applications; connectivity choices, with both standard and native support for more than 25 standard and custom databases including SQL, Oracle, Informix and DB2 via ODBC; integration with SAP applications; and newly certified SAP solutions include the VeraStream Adapter for SAP R/3 and VeraStream for Business Warehouse.

WRQ Apptrieve is a host integration solution that enables users to mine and reuse data in legacy applications residing on IBM, UNIX and OpenVMS hosts for integration with e-business solutions without re-engineering the underlying business processes or the host system. WRQ Apptrieve includes a graphical mapping tool, development kit and powerful server. Feature enhancements in WRQ Apptrieve v. 3.5 include multi-processor support (including support for Sun Solaris, WindowsNT, and HP-UX), support for XML, Enterprise JavaBeans and CORBA, and integration with MQ Series, Linux, Windows, Solaris and the VeraStream development environment.

Pricing for both WRQ VeraStream and WRQ Apptrieve v. 3.5 depends on the size and scale of the customer installation. WRQ VeraStream pricing begins at $10,000 for a UNIX/NT-based Universal Integration Engine, with SAP adapters starting at $30,000. Additional adapters are priced separately. The average system price for a department-level implementation is under $100,000. WRQ Apptrieve v. 3.5 Developer kit pricing starts at $995; server pricing starts at $20,000; and additional concurrent sessions begin at $500. Both WRQ VeraStream and WRQ Apptrieve will be available worldwide directly through WRQ as well as through its partners. WRQ VeraStream will begin shipping on June 30.

For more information, visit the company's Web site at www.wrq.com.

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