Lanier Expands AS/400 Printing Options

Jim Martin

Document management solution provider Lanier Worldwide Inc. (Atlanta) recently introduced the Lanier printing solution for the AS/400, which enables customers to print data from AS/400 and produce multiple copies of professionally finished documents in a simple, in-line process.

Lanier is touting the printer solution as delivering superior image quality and greater functionality than the high-speed printers used for AS/400 printing today. To accommodate large reports, output trays can hold up to 7,750 sheets. In addition, files can be sent to a document server, where they can be merged with other documents for repeat printing.

“Fortune 1,000 companies depend on AS/400 systems to house virtually all of their critical data,” says Paul Anderson, VP of worldwide marketing for Lanier. “By connecting Lanier digital printer/copiers to AS/400 mainframes, our customers can print, copy, collate, staple and hole-punch documents in a simple, one-step process. The increase in productivity is dramatic, especially when you consider the volume of reports produced every day for invoicing, inventory, customer service and other functions.”

Lanier is targeting five primary areas for the Lanier Systems printing for AS/400 solution: replacing the high-speed printers used in IT departments today; augmenting existing printers to better handle end-of-the-month peak periods; replacing printers currently used in warehouses and manufacturing facilities; acting as AS/400 printers and walk-up copiers; AS/400 printing for central copy rooms; and workgroup printing from the AS/400.

Overall, there are four digital/printer copiers from which customers can choose from for the Lanier systems printing solution.

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