WRQ Forms Alliance with Hitachi Software

WRQ has formed a strategic alliance with the American division of Hitachi Computer Products' Software Solutions Division, a subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. This alliance was made in conjunction with the new offering of Hitachi's enterprise application integration solution suite. As a result of the alliance, Hitachi will offer WRQ’s host integration solution, WRQ Apptrieve, with its Enterprise Application Integration solutions suite. The offering will enable Hitachi’s enterprise application integration tools to work seamlessly with legacy host applications such as those on IBM mainframes.

WRQ Apptrieve enables users to mine and reuse data in legacy applications residing on IBM, UNIX and OpenVMS hosts for integration with e-business solutions without re-engineering the underlying business processes or the host system. Apptrieve includes a graphical mapping tool, development kit and powerful server for reducing the complexity of legacy-Web integration.

Apptrieve’s object-oriented architecture combined with Hitachi’s EAI solution makes it easy for the enterprise to interact with host application data. By integrating Hitachi’s middleware solutions with existing business processes, companies will be able to build dynamic Web applications and speed time to market.

Hitachi’s EAI solutions suite provides users with a highly reliable enterprise e-business system that addresses the three critical facets of enterprise application: business process integration, security integration and application management integration. With TPBroker as its core, Hitachi’s suite includes Asynchronous Messaging, Security, Hitachi Enterprise Application Manager, Work-Coordinator, DataJunction and EAI adaptor applications.

For more information, visit www.wrq.com.

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