AS/400 Sets Another Java Performance Record

Jim Martin

Continuing to reap the benefits of its new silicon-on-insulator (SOI) and copper wiring technologies, IBM recently announced that the AS/400 has set another record in Java server performance.

According to IBM, the AS/400 earned the top three spots in the SPECjbb2000 Java server benchmark, beating Hewlett-Packard’s best results by a factor of two and Compaq’s best results by a factor of four.

SPECjbb2000 (Java Business Benchmark), the Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.’s first benchmark for evaluating server-side Java performance, focuses on business logic and object manipulation and the work of a middle-tier Java server workload.

As was the case with the VolanoMark benchmark announced in early June, IBM used the new AS/400 model 840 in the testing. Overall, the 840 achieved a SPECjbb2000 score of 80,348 operations per second on its Java 2 Platform, standard edition, v1.2.2 (J2SE 1.2.2) and 79,250 operations per second on its Java Developer Kit v1.1.8 (JDL 1.1.8) products. IBM claims the 840 was the first to exceed 80,000 operations per second with the industry-standard SPECjbb2000 benchmark.

“Our SPECjbb2000 results demonstrate that we are leveraging AS/400s 64-bit architecture, as well as IBM’s copper and silicon-on-insulator processor technologies,” says Tom Jarosh, general manager of midmarket servers at IBM. “Our leadership in both the VolanoMark and the SPECjbb2000 benchmark offer two clear proof points that AS/400 provides customers major scalability and performance advantages over Compaq, HP and Sun servers.”

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