Tilion Garners Funding, Develops Infrastructure Service

Tilion, a developer of infrastructure services for providing in-the-net analytics, recently secured $10.5 million in its first round of venture capital funding from North Bridge Venture Partners, Venrock Associates, Lucent Venture Partners and various private investors. The company, founded in January 2000 by Christopher Stone, former Executive Vice President of Novell, has a board of directors which includes: Christopher Stone, CEO, Tilion; John Ryan, CEO, Entrust; Eric Schmidt, CEO, Novell; Dave Hathaway, Managing General Partner, Venrock Associates; and William Geary, General Partner, North Bridge Venture Partners.

Tilion's infrastructure service collects secure, trusted data from e-market participants and enterprises during virtually any commerce transaction, and provides on-demand analytics, enableing businesses to view commerce chain analysis on-demand over the Internet without waiting for end of the quarter reports. Tilion implements its service at the data origination point and captures the data at the one place where it has to be true and accurate. Tilion uses public key encryption technologies so each party in the commerce chain knows its data is secure and safe as it enters Tilion's service.

Tilion's services create on-demand commerce metrics and reporting without adding major new hardware or software systems. Tilion uses XML-enabled data from existing ERP systems and e-market transaction data to develop a holistic view of commerce chain efficiency. All Tilion data and analysis is viewed from the familiar user interface of a Web browser.

Ed Zander, President and COO of Sun Microsystems, notes, "At Sun we are focused on building the infrastructure for the net economy. Built on Sun, using Java, Tilion's infrastructure service is the next step in the value-chain for many net market makers, such as Exchanges, ASPs and VANs, who are presently seeking differentiation and customer entrenchment. Commerce-related analytics provides that differentiation and stickiness."

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