Aelita Achieves Win2000 Certification

Aelita Software’s ERDisk received Windows 2000 Server certification and has also released a Web-based ROI calculator that automates return-on-investment calculations for ERDisk deployment. In order to garner the certification on Microsoft Windows 2000, ERDisk had to pass a stringent set of performance and compliance tests administered by a third-party auditor.

"All our products have been enhanced to meet the needs of our enterprise customers who are moving to Windows 2000," says Ratmir Timashev, President and CEO of Aelita Software. "Our strategy is to align ourselves with Microsoft and this certification validates our advanced development."

ERDisk provides automated, remote repair disk creation and fast, intelligent recovery from problems resulting from changes in systems and network configuration. It simultaneously updates repair data and automatically creates backup configuration files and registry for multiple servers and workstations across a network. Emergency Repair Disks are then automatically saved on server storage and can be copied to any media including multiple floppies, CD-R and DVD-R for fast and easy recovery.

The ROI Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that calculates the return on investment from ERDisk, based on the numbers of servers and workstations the product is supporting. The calculator can be used to print an ROI report that can be used in presentations to management.

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