Vision and Aldon Partner to Provide AS/400-Specific Solution

Jim Martin

Two well known AS/400 players are joining forces, as Aldon Computer Group (Oakland, Calif.), a provider of software change management tools, and Vision Solutions, Inc. (Irvine, Calif.), a global leader of information technology management solutions, announced a partnership to provide secure high availability solutions to the AS/400 market.

Through the partnership, the two companies will combine the Aldon/CMS change management solution with the Vision Suite information availability management solution.

Aldon/CMS manages four key functional areas of software development: version control, network management, project management, and user request management. Vision Suite uses proprietary replication and data transportation technology to facilitate 24X7 operations.

"Aldon/CMS is the change management solution of choice for many of the world's largest software developers, and Aldon is committed to seeking partnerships with other organizations that can bring additional value to our users,” says Daniel Magid, president of Aldon. “With global software development, on individual projects, becoming more prevalent, Aldon recognizes that Aldon/CMS users on the IBM AS/400 platform need to consider a quality High Availability solution. As a leading provider of High Availability, Vision Solutions was an obvious choice and we are very excited to partner with them.”

The immediate focus will be on providing this high availability change management solution to multi site/time zone AS/400 software development teams.

"As a leading developer of cutting edge software solutions, we immediately recognized the quality and commitment behind Aldon and Aldon/CMS. We believe the synergy between the two companies and its products will provide a solid foundation for AS/400 application development -- a quality change management system running on highly available servers," said Nicolaas Vlok, chief executive officer of Vision Solutions.

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