New Software from Momentum Monitors Query/400 Activity

Joanna Doyle

Momentum Utilities Pty. Ltd. (Sydney, Australia) have launched a new service to assist IT managers in monitoring the performance of IBM Query/400 on their systems.

Query/400 Audit from Momentum can help systems administrators assess how queries are being stored, used and managed on their AS/400. According to the company, Query/400 Audit provides a “snapshot analysis” of query usage, to help administrators decide whether system resources are being used effectively or whether a cleanup or rationalization of query is required. The product features both detailed reporting capability and software utilities for remedying common problems when they are detected.

“We believe the introduction of the Query/400 Audit will have an appeal to all AS/400 operations world-wide,” said Keith Dickins, CEO of Momentum. “The fact that the whole service can be delivered via e-mail and the Web means that we can both contain the cost of the service and offer a fast runaround of the analysis. The service also complements our existing expertise with our own information retrieval products. The initial trials have been well received and allowed us to fine-tune the service.”

Query/400 Audit is available directly from Momentum’s Web site, (new window), and is priced at $749.

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