Reef Helps Leverage Web Technology

Reef, a global Internet software company, has introduced Internetware 2.0, an extensible Web application suite based entirely on Java. This new version of Reef's advanced browser-based suite of Web applications is designed to dramatically reduce the costs of deploying and supporting online e-business. Internetware 2.0 is also the first Java-based Internet architecture to offer completely integrated dynamic content, commerce, community and coordination management for intranets, extranets, portals and digital marketplaces.

The new application suite empowers users to take direct control of their e-business applications, using simple drag-and-drop actions. This is accomplished by separating Internetware's internal presentation logic and business logic, and by providing users with an easily understandable, forms-based interface through which they can quickly change the way information is presented on their Web sites. By giving non-technical users the ability to develop, change and extend their Web-based applications, Internetware empowers them to respond quickly to business opportunities, saves them the costs inherent with expert technical support, and extends the life of the Web-based applications themselves.

Many companies have deployed multiple 'point solution' applications that individually address their needs for content, commerce, community and coordination. The problem increasingly experienced by these companies is that these applications are difficult to integrate with each other, and basic functionality such as search and storage is replicated across these applications. Internetware provides a solution to this problem by offering individually packaged applications that address the core needs of e-business, that share common services, and that are open to third party software integration. This modular, yet integrated, suite of applications ensures coherence and the consistency of a company's online environment and strategy.

With Internetware 2.0, Reef's channel partners can quickly develop powerful, well-designed essential functionality for their clients, and focus on the more essential -- and visible -- elements of user interface design and customization.

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