BakBone Embeds NetVault with DirecSAN

BakBone Software has revealed that their upcoming North American release of NetVault storage management software will contain DirecSAN, a breakthrough for storage area networks (SANs). DirecSAN enables data to bypass backup servers on the SAN, helping to simplify the process, reduce potential SAN-backup bottlenecks and maximize both performance and ROI.

DirecSAN is already included in versions of NetVault being sold throughout Europe and Asia, where it has established itself as a viable software solution for companies faced with exploding data storage needs. A result of NetVault's advanced, modular architecture, DirecSAN empowers NetVault users to reduce the steps needed to save corporate-critical data. NetVault's design makes it possible for data to stream directly from a backup client on the SAN to a tape device, bypassing the backup server in the process. Termed Client Transfer Node (CTN), this feature is a key advantage for MIS managers, faced with the dilemma of trying to maintain control over their rapidly growing data storage environments. This "client transfer" method of SAN data communication means that data can be backed up and retrieved more quickly and efficiently over a Fibre Channel or SCSI network, rather than the local area network (LAN).

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