Viquity Partners with Relevant Business Systems

Viquity and Relevant Business Systems have formed a strategic alliance to deliver a Viquity Dynamic Commerce Network Adapter for the Relevant INFIMACS II enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The companies will also conduct joint marketing of their solutions to both new and existing clients.

The Viquity INFIMACS II Adapter will connect INFIMACS II, Relevant's ERP system for small-to-medium-sized discrete manufacturers, to the Viquity Dynamic Commerce Network (DCN), Viquity's eBusiness platform for direct procurement transactions. The combined solution will automatically extract data from the INFIMACS II ERP system and allow purchase orders, demand forecasts, invoices and other actionable documents to be exchanged in real-time between business partners through the Viquity DCN.

INFIMACS II is a second generation, full-featured ERP that takes complete advantage of a graphical user interface, object-oriented development, and both UNIX client/server and Microsoft solutions to integrate all departments within an organization. Viquity and Relevant have already targeted several joint customers with the combined strengths afforded by the partnership.

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