Canadian Bank Embraces HP's Messaging-on-Tap

HP's utility computing model, also called "e-services-on-tap," has received a boost with the news that a big player in the financial services arena, the Toronto-based Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC), has adopted Messaging-on-Tap. The bank has chosen HP to provide services that will eventually handle messaging for 42,000 of its employees. HP provides the services on a monthly, per seat flat rate basis.

CIBC is the first large customer to adopt Messaging-on-Tap, according to Frank Barker, General Manager of HP's Utility Computing Services Division. Barker, who says the solution has already penetrated the mid-market, thinks the win will drive sales of the messaging services to other large enterprises and service providers.

HP designed and implemented the messaging services based on Microsoft Exchange. HP's role in taking over operation and maintenance of the infrastructure is allowing CIBC to eliminate 250 of its Windows NT and Exchange servers.

HP's Messaging-on-Tap services are part of the company's e-services-on-tap offerings, which also include Infrastructure-on-Tap, IP-Billing-on-Tap and E-Learning-on-Tap. With the e-services-on-tap, or utility computing, model, HP aims to provide IT services that allow digital information to flow as effortlessly as electricity flows through wires. In other words, HP acts as a computing power plant, providing technology, management processes and global capabilities on a pay-as-you-go-basis. That, says the company, allows service providers and, in some cases, enterprises like CIBC, to deploy services rapidly and focus on building solutions that center on their core competencies.

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