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Hummingbird Alliance with Mummert + Partner

Hummingbird has established a global, strategic relationship with Mummert + Partner (M+P), a delivery and implementation organization with its head office in Germany.

Phase one of this relationship is focused on the delivery of data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for SAP R/3 installations, using Hummingbird’s Genio Suite software and M+P’s delivery expertise.

M+P has experience in implementing SAP BW solutions and hands-on expertise with Genio. Genio SAP certification guarantees that all external data sources, including SAP R/3, are integrated into the SAP BW solution.

Hummingbird’s EIP and integrated suite of foundation technologies will be incorporated into this alliance shortly. The strategic objective of this relationship is to identify high-potential market opportunities, and then quickly mobilize resources to ensure timely market entrance.

SAS Spins off iBiomatics

SAS has spun off iBiomatics, its first business-to-business Internet company. iBiomatics, a wholly owned subsidiary of SAS, will enable researchers in the life sciences industry to better understand and predict the safety and effectiveness of drugs and medical devices. iBiomatics includes the staff and technologies of the SAS PharmaHealth Technologies business unit. In addition, SAS will provide iBiomatics access to its data warehousing and decision-support software and the R&D behind it.

Biotech and pharmaceutical firms, already overburdened with research data, now must handle huge volumes of genetic information to develop new therapies. By unifying anonymous data and knowledge about specific drug projects and making it available through secure Internet portals, iBiomatics will accelerate medical research. This will benefit patients by saving time and money in drug development.

Macro 4 Purchases XTRACE for OS/390 Tool Suite

Macro 4 has purchased XTRACE, an interactive program testing product from BankNet Technologies. XTRACE, which will be renamed TRACEMASTER, completes Macro 4’s integrated suite of tools for OS/390 developers. The new suite presents an alternative to the expensive and inflexible contracts offered by some larger software vendors.

Detailed program testing traditionally represents about 30 percent of the time required to deploy new applications, and TRACEMASTER allows this time to be significantly reduced. Consequently, critical e-business legacy solutions can be deployed faster and with greater reliability.

TRACEMASTER supports source level execution tracing of S/390 Assembler and COBOL programs. Key features include a scripting language for automated testing and customization, logic path coverage analysis, support for an unlimited number of breakpoints, a history of executed statements to allow reverse logic tracing, and the automatic display of variables referenced by the current program statement.

Macro 4 will continue to work with the original developers of TRACEMASTER to further enhance the functionality of the product.

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Job Search Site for IT Industry, a new job and recruiting site which focuses on the IT industry and IT professionals, offers a free resume posting and job search center. By completing the online registration form, IT professionals can enter their resume into the site, using a database geared to the IT industry. In addition, employers can post jobs, search the database and check responses to their postings.

The Job Search Engine in allows candidates and employers to search jobs using a keyword search or a skills search. The Job Hunt Management System allows candidates to keep track of which jobs they have applied to, and retains copies of materials posted onto the site. A bookmark option is also available for use when searching job postings. offers additional services through their Career Links archive, where more information can be obtained on job training, career hotlines and human resources issues. The site has already signed up more than 3,000 IT companies.

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Mercury Interactive & Intel Inspire Solution Evolution

Mercury Interactive and Intel are working together to assist e-businesses in delivering scalable, high-performance Web applications to their customers. The two companies will cooperate to ensure that Web performance management solutions are optimized on the Intel architecture-based systems for e-business customers.

As a part of this effort, Intel will use Mercury Interactive’s Web performance monitoring and testing solutions for Intel’s e-business demonstrations and testing centers. Paul Otellini, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Architecture Business Group, included a solution demo highlighting IA server integration for e-business solutions in his address to the eBusiness Conference & Expo attendees in June. The demonstration showcased proof points of Intel Server availability and scalability, using Mercury Interactive solutions.

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Packeteer Teams with Attachmate

Packeteer has teamed with Attachmate to integrate their PacketShaper bandwidth management products with Attachmate’s back-office connectivity products to provide an e-business application management solution.

Under the terms of Packeteer’s Solutions Partner agreement, Attachmate’s Enterprise and Unisys product groups will market PacketShaper products and services to Attachmate’s base of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 business customers. The addition of PacketShaper products with Attachmate’s e-Vantage platform will increase the performance of Attachmate’s e-business solutions by allowing Attachmate customers to set and enforce host application Quality of Service (QoS) bandwidth priorities through policy setting.

PacketShaper is a bandwidth management solution that allocates network bandwidth to business-critical applications, while controlling non-critical applications. This allows network managers to ensure the performance of critical or interactive traffic, while limiting less urgent traffic.

The centerpiece of the Attachmate e-Vantage family is the Host Access Server, which provides centralized management of enterprisewide host access through any combination of thick, thin or custom clients. Attachmate e-Vantage products and services enable companies to capture opportunities and create a competitive advantage through Internet solutions that securely leverage the existing corporate assets locked up in enterprise systems.

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