WRQ Announces New Alliance Partners

Joanna Doyle

WRQ Inc. (Seattle), a provider of enterprise integration and connectivity solutions, announced that 12 integration partners have been named authorized members of WRQ’s worldwide EAI Alliance Program, established last May.

The new U.S. alliance partners are BEST Consulting, CS Strategies Inc., Fuentez Systems Concepts Inc., O/E Enterprise Solutons, TM3g and Xpedior. European members are Aepex Business Consultants, BBIT VOF, Cosyco Software, DaimlerChrysler Services AG, Magnus Management Consultants and Optimum N.V.

“We are extremely pleased to be aligning with these premier integration partners that can deliver balanced EAI solutions that maximize existing systems and prepare for future growth," said Shaun Wolfe, COO for WRQ. "... Our EAI Alliance partners are vital to this process because they provide customers the skills and knowledge necessary for successful integration throughout the enterprise."

WRQ's EAI Alliance Program offers specialized support and training to system integrators, consultants, developers and engineers, for deploying WRQ's EAI technology, including the newly released Apptrieve and VeraStream products. Members receive specialized mentoring services, customer prospecting and joint sales opportunities, and priority access to WRQ's technical and developer support team. EAI Alliance partners are required to maintain a minimum of three WRQ-trained technical and sales people on staff, participate in WRQ's developer and sales training and pay an annual program fee.

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