CrossWorks Offers Gateway to Microsoft SQL Server

CrossWorks, Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.), a developer of cross-platform software compilers and development tools, has announced it is now shipping the Cross400 MS-SQL Server Gateway, an add-on product to its Cross400 compiler and development tool suite. Cross400 can be used by AS/400 ISVs and end users to re-host mature RPG applications to open platforms without rewriting applications or maintaining two different sets of source code.

Cross/400 can be used by AS/400 ISVs and end-users to re-host their mature RPG applications to open platforms without rewriting their applications or maintaining two different sets of source codes.
The Cross400 MS-SQL Server Gateway allows companies that have used the Cross400 Suite to re-host AS/400 RPG application to run on the Microsoft Windows platforms (9X/NT/2000). The data is stored directly in Microsoft SQL Server database tables, where it can be accessed by other applications (such as accounting or human resources) either through direct calls or embedded SQL.

“For companies and ISVs looking to port applications to Microsoft platforms, SQL Server Gateway is an easy way to increase revenue. In a job bid, it’s often specified that a commercial database must be the backend,” says David Schindler, VP Sales & Marketing of CrossWorks. “More and more ISVs are finding that customers and prospects are standardizing on Microsoft SQL Server as their RDBMS. Also, because Sequel is one of the top three databases in the world, the SQL Gateway helps these businesses qualify for more of the RFPs to sell their product. With Cross400 SQL Server Gateway, companies can offer prospects all the functionality of mature, tried-and-true AS/400 applications on the Microsoft Windows platform.”

The Cross400 Microsoft SQL Server Gateway add-on is priced $3,750 and must be purchased in conjunction with the Cross400 Suite. One integrated database—CrossDB—is included in the price. Customers will also have to purchase the Sequel Server license from Microsoft, since CrossWorks is not a Microsoft reseller. The base development CrossWorks 400 Suite is priced at $7,500; database manager pricing is based on the number of users.

“This is a low-cost, high-return method for companies to enter new markets, because they don’t have to rewrite their entire application for a new platform,” said Schindler. “A project can be completed in as little as 60-90 days, with reduced maintenance costs because only one source code is required.”

CrossWorks focuses on compilers and development tools that allow software applications written specifically for IBM midrange systems to run without modification on other target platforms, including Microsoft Windows 9X, Windows NT and Windows 2000, as well as multiple UNIX systems, including IBM AIX, HP-UX, SCO UnixWare7, Sun Solaris, and Linux.

CrossWorks also has the Cross400 Oracle Gateway --for those who want to store data from their re-hosted RPG applications in Oracle 8 tables.

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