Manta Technologies Announce Class for Automating Operations

Fredrik Johnsen

Manta Technologies Inc. (Barrington, Ill.) has announced the availability of its Streamlining AS/400 Operations, a new product in the Work Management for System Administrators course series.

The course teaches administrators about automated operations-related tasks, using tools that are included in OS/400, but poorly documented and not well advertised.

Streamlining starts by showing how to submit batch production jobs for execution on a predetermined schedule, using the job scheduler that comes with OS/400, and continues with instruction on how to modify the system startup program.

Finally, the course covers ways to modify the commands provided with OS/400. It shows both how to change the default value of a command parameter and how to create simplified versions of AS/400 commands.

The course runs, as do all other Manta courses, on IBM compatible computers. Integral to each course are simulations of the AS/400 environment.

Streamlining AS/400 Operations takes 90 to 120 minutes to complete and costs $149 for a single-user license. Multi-user licenses are also available.

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