(i)Structure Teams with IBM to Serve ASPs

Fredrik Johnsen

(i)Structure Inc. (Omaha, Neb.), a subsidiary of 3 Communications Inc. specializing in information technology services, has announced a collaboration with IBM to serve the Application Service Provider (ASP) market.

Specifically, IBM has selected (i)Structure to participate in its Wholesale Service Provider (WSP) program, established by IBM for ASPs who use AS/400 and need facilities, network management and other infrastructure services. IBM will refer such customers to WSPs like (i)Structure, which is highly AS/400 focused, with IBM certified administrators at secure data centers.

John Rowe, vice president of enterprise infrastructure services for (i)Structure, said the program shows a "joint commitment" by IBM and (i)Structure to serve the ASP market.

"We think demand for services from ASPs will continue to explode," Rowe says. "This program helps position (i)Structure as a premier provider of hosting services to this important segment of the market."

"By working with companies like (i)Structure, software developers gain access to a stable, managed environment, which enables them to provide their own applications and services to customers without the need to expend large capital sums on infrastructure," says Tim Schuetz, IBM AS/400 ASP marketing executive.

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