ShowCase Product to Include IntraNet BI Tool

Joanna Doyle

The new release of Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) from ShowCase Corporation (Chicago), announced this week, will now integrate Xpedio 4.0, a Web content management system from IntraNet Solutions Inc. (Eden Prairie, Minn).

A recently established licensing agreement with IntraNet Solutions gives ShowCase rights to sell Xpedio as part of its STRATEGY data warehousing and business intelligence EIP product suite.

The enhanced STRATEGY is designed to better facilitate B2B Web commerce by offering expanded Web content management capabilities that facilitate real-time contribution, management and distribution of information. Xpedio aids users in deploying scalable B2B and business-to-employee intranet and extranet applications. Xpedio 4.0 features expanded searching and indexing, business personalization and Web site development and publishing capabilities.

“The EIP market is projected to double in size within the next two years and, just over the past year, the EIP space has grown from virtually non-existent to overwhelming,” says Theresa O’Neil, vice president of marketing for ShowCase. “Fueling this demand is the need for advanced EIP solutions that marry eBusiness Intelligence with customer relationship, supply chain and financial data management. Along with IntraNet Solutions, we’re very pleased to offer our worldwide customers an even more powerful, personalized and enhanced solution that brings the benefits of Web content and Enterprise Intelligence directly to the desktops of decision-makers.”

The integration of Xpedio into ShowCase EIP will provide such enhanced features as improved security and business personalization, user-defined portal, content subscriptions and global user database. Pricing for the integrated solution begins at $100,000.

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