Lucas Group Survey Examines High Tech Hiring Trends

A recent employment trend study by Lucas Group, a national recruitment firm specializing in the telecommunications and high tech industries, reveals that companies desperate to find experienced high tech candidates are picking up the pace. The need to make a fast hiring decision was the number one (at 32 percent) recommendation made by Lucas' senior recruiters when polled by the company. Other high-ranking recommendations included: top salaries, stock options and signing bonuses.

The survery examines how unemployment, technological advances and other factors affect hiring decisions. The hiring process has definitely sped up. Today, 72 percent of the time, a candidate is hired within six weeks of a position's availability, according to the survey. Five years ago, the process took up to three months, with about 50 percent of candidates hired within the first six weeks. Survey respondents attribute advances in technology -- such as the Internet, faxes and cell phones -- as contributing factors, enabling the entire recruitment process to move faster.

The survey notes the Internet's value in the hiring process. 96 percent of survey respondents say that candidates are more prepared for job interviews because the ability to research a company online. The Internet also broadens the field of applicants and allows for the easy transmittal of information.

The leading qualitiy sought by employers, according to the survey, is a good attitude. This is closely followed by technical expertise and leadership. The current low unemployment rate is also impacting hiring practices. Due to the smaller pool of candidates, employers are more likely to retain poor performers.

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