Netron Launches HotRod Enterprise Edition

Netron Inc. announces Netron HotRod Enterprise Edition, an end-to-end solution for mining and componentizing business rules from legacy applications and facilitating the transition to e-business. Enabling organizations to bring billions of lines of Cobol functionality into the e-business world, the new product integrates Netron HotRod 2.6 with MERANT Revolve Enterprise Edition 6.0.By integrating and bundling the company’s technology with MERANT’s, Netron will benefit companies seeking to retool existing Cobol systems into component-based applications in order to support their e-business architectures and strategies.With HotRod Enterprise Edition, Netron supports the entire legacy transformation process by providing a complete solution of consulting and conversion services and complementary technologies. Netron HotRod Enterprise Edition is a result of the strategic technology partnership between Netron and MERANT announced in June, whereby HotRod’s business rule analysis, design, and extraction tools are merged with Revolve Enterprise Edition’s analysis, application understanding, and mass change management capabilities. Netron is offering the combined solution under the Netron HotRod Enterprise Edition brand, while MERANT is introducing AssetMiner, which incorporates both technologies and becomes part of its Egility legacy extension and integration solutions. For more information, visit

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