WebTrends Extends Analytics to Wireless

WebTrends, a provider of software that delivers real-time Web site traffic analytics, has enhanced WebTrends Live to offer Web visitor analysis for wireless sites.

WebTrends Live provides Web traffic analysis, e-commerce revenue tracking, ad campaign management, and content group analysis for Web sites. The technology is based on JavaScript code that is embedded in HTML pages and that communicates back to an analysis engine developed by WebTrends. After customers place the code on their pagers, they can access up-to-the-minute information on traffic and e-commerce activity for their site, including information on revenue by product, sales trends, and e-marketing campaigns.

The new features in WebTrends Live give customers the ability to analyze site traffic for both Palm and WAP (wireless application protocol) sites. Other new features include enhanced Web traffic and e-commerce reporting features, including visitor by content group reporting, detailing groups of pages or products viewed most often by Web visitors. WebTrends Live also now features improved path and exit page analysis, IP filtering that allows for exclusion of internal traffics or any other IP range from analysis, and a new faster-loading script.

In other news, WebTrends announced a partnership with Adobe Systems to provide analysis and reporting for Web sites created with Adobe products. Site designers using Adobe GoLive 5.0 who are registered for WebTrends Live can now embed WebTrends Live code into the design of their e-commerce sites to ensure site traffic analysis when the site goes live. Adobe and WebTrends have also agreed to build a co-branded Web site for Adobe Web designers looking to conduct detailed Web visitor analysis on their Adobe-created sites.

WebTrends, founded in 1993, is targeting an explosive market. The ASP market is expected to generate up to $25 billion in annual revenue by 2004. WebTrends Live currently serves over 20,000 Web sites and has tracked almost a billion page views since its launch in mid-March. In May, Nielsen/NetRatings named WebTrends Live the fastest growing e-business intelligence ASP and the third fastest-growing domain overall. According to Nielsen/NetRatings, WebTrends Live registered over 2 million unique visitors as well as month-over-month visitor growth of 107 percent in May alone.

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