iE Strengthens Partnership with Allaire

Fredrik Johnsen

iE (Boston, Mass.), a provider of integrated e-finance applications, has extended a strategic, technology partnership with Allaire (Newton, Mass.) to incorporate IBM mainframe and AS/400 resident application and data.

iE's ScreenSurfer is a synergistic adjunct to Allaire’s ColdFusion cross-platform Web application server, and has been used in tandem with the Allaire solution since 1998.

"iE ScreenSurfer's tight integration with Allaire's ColdFusion is unique. Our two products work together seamlessly, hand-in-glove, and deliver synergistic results. We have had nothing but great success with ColdFusion customers - on all fronts, ever since we started our collaboration with Allaire a few years ago,” says Bill Thorne, vice president of development for iE ScreenSurfer. “Integration, especially with our unique support of Allaire's custom tags, is always fast, smooth and trouble-free. When ScreenSurfer is coupled with ColdFusion you never see any legacy `green screen' host data. Instead, all you see are compelling, contemporary, point-and-click GUI Web pages."

The integration of iE ScreenSurfer and Allaire ColdFusion enables Web developers to incorporate information from screen-based mainframe and AS/400 applications directly into ColdFusion. To facilitate this integration, iE ScreenSurfer supports Allaire’s ‘CFX’ custom tags. ScreenSurfer and ColdFusion integration can be accomplished using these tags within the ColdFusion environments.

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