UPSPRING Refocuses SET Technologies

UPSPRING Software Inc., a new software infrastructure solutions company, has established its mission to help eBusiness and other mission-critical software development organizations to analyze and evolve their software infrastructure by providing solutions that address productivity, quality and change. UPSPRING originated through the restructuring of Software Emancipation Technology (SET), and will build upon the solid technological reputation of SET and its proven flagship DISCOVER line of products.

With new streamlined products like CodeRover, new Web-enabled channels of distribution and Internet support capabilities, UPSPRING is now addressing software infrastructure for IT applications in the e-business marketplace, in addition to the traditional mission-critical software markets.

According to Jim Duggan, a GartnerGroup Vice President and Research Area Director covering Application Development and Management, "IT organizations have been concentrating on just getting the company on the Web with little concern for quality; but the vase is falling off the table due to the lack of the right infrastructure. When it hits the floor we are going to have a lot of expensive, high profile failures, even more dramatic than those of Christmas Season 1999. Organizations need to be proactive applying quality processes and sophisticated tools in their development processes to avoid these pitfalls."

"Many traditional IT organizations have taken their internal systems and opened them up to the outside world and the scrutiny of their customers and partners," cites Dave Champagne, President and CEO of UPSPRING Software Inc. "Now that their Web-based software applications have become directly linked to revenue and therefore the success of the corporation, IT organizations take on characteristics of other mission-critical software companies like embedded systems, where success or failure literally means the difference in company survival. We at UPSPRING believe that all good things spring from a natural and pure source and eBusiness software is no different. UPSPRING ... addresses software development challenges proactively at the root cause source code level."

UPSPRING has been formed to assist customers with developing a reliable and scalable infrastructure for their e-business and other mission-critical software. UPSPRING offers targeted desktop applications (CodeRover) for productivity, quality and change, plus a complete Web-enabled, enterprisewide software Development Information System (DISCOVER).

UPSPRING solutions integrate with existing configuration management, conceptual design, IDE and test tools, to support the complete software development process.

UPSPRING Software is a privately held Delaware corporation, with funding led by premier venture capital firms Charles River Ventures and WG Trading Partners

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