WRQ Solutions Receive IBM Stamp of Approval for Netfinity Servers

WRQ Inc. (Seattle), a provider of integration and connectivity solutions for the enterprise, has announced that two of its leading host integration and access solutions, WRQ Apptrieve and WRQ Reflection for the Web, have been certified as "Netfinity Server Proven on Windows 2000" by IBM.

This certification provides IBM customers with two leading enterprise solutions for deploying Windows 2000-compatible systems on Netfinity servers. WRQ's certified solutions are listed on the exclusive IBM Netfinity Windows 2000 Web site and in the new Windows 2000 Solutions Guide, which will be published later this year.

"Being certified as IBM Netfinity Server Proven on Windows 2000 is important to WRQ and our customers. It helps reinforce the quality and reliability of our host access and integration solutions," says Shaun Wolfe, CEO for WRQ. "WRQ's Web-to-host and enterprise application integration (EAI) products offer leading solutions for connecting back-office systems to the Web. We're committed to maintaining leading-edge solutions that help our customers solve the toughest integration solutions. Netfinity and Windows 2000 are key elements of making this happen."

To become Netfinity Server Proven on Windows 2000, Apptrieve and Reflection for the Web were fully deployed to Netfinity servers running Windows 2000. Both solutions were validated on both Netfinity and Windows 2000 through a series of tests, including testing of emulation components, proxy servers and usage metering.

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