Computer Associates Announce Cool:Plex 4.5

With the importance of e-business becoming imminent, companies are seeking a strong strategy, supported by tools, to combat the competition in the online market.

Recognizing this, e-business solutions provider Computer Associates (Islandia, N.Y.) has enhanced support for highly scalable Windows 2000 and Java B2B and B2C applications in the newest release of Cool:Plex, version 4.5. An e-business application development tool, Cool:Plex 4.5 is designed for AS/400, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Netfinity platforms.

Cool:Plex was originally designed as an e-Business application development tool that uses business patterns to accelerate the delivery of sophisticated e-Business applications for the platforms. It creates native, n-tier code for AS/400 servers with Win 32 C++ or Java clients, AS 400 5250, with SQL, JDBC and DDS access to DB2/400.

“The new release is built on past experiences,” says Wasim Ahmad, Computer Associates’ director of business management. “It extends job capabilities and adds security.”

Cool:Plex 4.5 offers several new features for creation of e-business solutions including: Java security--uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to enable secure transactions; Java Download on Demand--gives the option of Java applets being partitioned into multiple files to be downloaded individually from a Web server, decreasing the download time; and Windows GUI/Java GUI parity-- provides more flexibility for the design of panels within Cool:Plex applications using Java beans.

AS/400 Firewall Support enables companies to configure the ports necessary for implementing their e-Business applications with the corporate firewall. External applications can be used to trigger events from within a Cool:Plex application. The Cool:Plex Logic Server has been enhanced to deliver more robust and scaleable performance, especially on the Windows 2000 platform. The solution is tested for Windows 2000 readiness.

Ahmad says that the new scaleable performance is especially important on the Windows 2000 platform because “the AS/400 already has excellent scalability.”

Cool:Plex was designed as a development tool to help businesses create robust Web browser-based applications for Windows NT/2000, Netfinity and AS/400 environments. Version 4.5 offers more support for building transaction-based Java applications through enhanced security measures, download on demand, and Java Beans on panels feature.

Also, users will be able to create e-Business applications through Domino integration or HTML, XML or WAP, with one environment, one set of skills and one set of techniques.

Cool:Plex enables users to harness patterns to accelerate application design information in a central location, guaranteeing accuracy, consistency, speed of development and maintance, according to Computer Associates. The solution supports over 25 languages, including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and also supports DBCS.

Computer Associates deliver end-to-end infrastructure to enable e-Business through technology, services and education.

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