LCI Intermate, Minolta Form Printer Alliance

Fredrik Johnsen

LCI Intermate US Inc. (Portsmouth, N.H.), a provider of printer connectivity solutions for the IBM mainframe and midrange markets, has formed an alliance with Minolta Business Solutions (MBS), a provider of office solutions to the AS/400 and Unix markets, and a subsidiary of Minolta Corporation (Ramsey, N.J.).

"The alliance will offer the IBM AS/400 and Unix markets new and appealing products and solutions that were previously not available. Utilizing the respective strengths of both LCI Intermate and Minolta Business Solutions, MBS will be better able to capitalize on the business opportunities in these markets. MBS will now be able to meet the needs of this market by combining their existing technology with the products and technical services provided by LCI Intermate", said Frank Carzoli, vice president of sales and marketing at LCI Intermate US Inc.

The alliance will combine the connectivity solutions of LCI Intermate with MBS’ digital and analog business equipment technologies to provide high-end digital printer technology to the AS/400 and Unix markets. Initially, the Minolta DiALTA Di620 and the DiALTA Di520 digital, black and white printers/copiers will be supported.

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