Hummingbird Host Explorer Version 7.0 Set for Shipping

Jim Martin

Enterprise software solution provider Hummingbird Ltd. (Toronto) has announced the release of HostExplorer Version 7.0, a key component of Hummingbird Host Access Solutions. With this version, HostExplorer, and all Hummingbird Windows-based, traditional host access products now include full Windows 2000 support, Windows Installer (MSI), and five-language localization.

HostExplorer links people and information through host access for TN3270E, TN5250E, VT420 and Telnet applications. It provides a fast, robust, and stable connection to IBM mainframe, AS/400, Linux, and UNIX systems, by presenting a familiar face to a Windows-based desktop. HostExplorer's full-featured functionality includes Jconfig, a Java-based remote configuration tool; ActiveX/COM, OHIO API support, WinHLLAPI/EHLLAPI support; Host and FTP Profiles in Windows Explorer; and GUI LPR support.

New features in HostExplorer 7.0 include: fully COM compliant; IBM 3151 terminal emulation; Full Unicode/International Character Set support; improved keyboard mapping; improved toolbar customization; support for multiple session toolbars; 5250 data transfer.

"With the release of HostExplorer version 7.0 we continue to build upon our proven host access technologies to provide organizations with reliable mainframe access, as this plays a critical role in delivering our Enterprise Portal Suite solution, which empowers users to work efficiently and be more productive," said Sami Hero, senior director, product marketing, Hummingbird.

Version 7.0 of HostExplorer will begin shipping on September 30, 2000.

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