IBM Releases e-Server Line

Last week, IBM Corp. announced IBM e-Server, a new line of servers featuring mainframe-class reliability and scalability, support of open standards for application development, and capacity on demand for managing e-business.

The IBM e-Server is a product of Project Mach 1, a major cross-company initiative begun three years ago to harness the company’s best technologies and practices to support the infrastructure for the next phase of e-business.

The e-Server line consists of several server series: the zSeries, pSeries, iSeries, and xSeries. All e-Server machines will feature two types of capacity upgrade on demand; logical partitioning; high availability clustering; and reliability and fault tolerance features.

Open standard accommodations in the e-Server line will include a comprehensive application toolkit as well as full compatibility with Java, XML, HTTP, HTML and Linux, and the option to include IBM WebSphere Application Server.

In related news, CNET reports that IBM may face a potential lawsuit over the eServer name. Technauts (Cary, N.C.), has been selling server appliances under the name eServer since early 1999, and it holds a trademark on the name "eServer." IBM disputes the claim since the e in its eServer is contained within a circle -- making it visually unique, though pronounced the same.

Stakes are high for both companies should the conflict become a legal battle. Technauts believes IBM's use of the name jeopardizes its business; while IBM has committed $75 million to promote its eServer line this quarter and $225 million next year.

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