Computer Associates and Sybari Software Announce Groupware Virus Scanning

Computer Associates International and Sybari Software announce an alliance designed to protect the most complex messaging infrastructures from malicious virus attacks.

The two companies have teamed up to integrate Sybari’s Antigen group solution with CA’s anti-virus technology that incorporates CA’s InoculateIT and VET virus scanning engines which combine to deliver a defense against all known viruses and their mutations.

Sybari’s Antigen is a comprehensive anti-virus and security solution specifically developed to protect Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes environments. InoculateIT is certified by the International Computer Security Association (ICSA) to detect 100% of viruses "in the wild" and ensures that a network is protected against damaging and costly virus incidents

Data exchanges within organizations are often transferred through groupware environments, which are often targeted for attack by hackers and virus developers. The integrated CA/Sybari solution will ensure that Antigen users have the necessary virus detection files when a virus hits.

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