Evidian and Macro 4 Partner for Automated Output Offering

Evidian (Billerica, MA), a supplier of secure e-infrastructure management software and Macro 4 (West Sussex, England), an independent developer of systems management software, have become teamed up to deliver a printer management and output processing solution for demanding business requirements through the collaboration of Evidian’s OpenMaster and Macro 4’s UniQPrint.

Together, UniQPrint and OpenMaster offer an automated output and system management solution that responds to the distributed infrastructure and differences of an enterprise—regardless of its dimensions. OpenMaster and UniQPrint complement the entire range of management services of SAP R/3 in administration, security, and job scheduling, already supported by these products.

“Businesses require a robust and cost-effective solution for managing critical data processing output from their UNIX and Windows NT systems,” says Jon Wedge, Macro 4’s businesses alliances director. “As a company’s network grows, the need to access and share output resources becomes even more essential. Furthermore, systems administrators need to establish control over their printing network to ensure maximum productivity, security and efficiency.”

“Highly complex applications, such as SAP R/3 solutions, have major limitations in terms of basic printing and spooling facilities in the UNIX and NT operating systems, which are used for delivery of critically important documents,” says Michel Paulin, vice president of Evidian’s product division. “Evidian and Macro 4 have addressed these problems and can help ensure the reliable delivery of R/3 documents to any destination, whether it’s a printer, fax, browser or e-mail.”

The Evidian OpenMaster is a security solution, which manages key business processes and underlying IT infrastructures so users can adapt speed, control and flexibility to maintain desired levels of service necessary to meet business objectives in today’s complex world. It is designed to manage enterprise business processes and ensure optimum application availability and performance.

OpenMaster offers several management services: Asset management: Tracking of configuration and financial information; Configuration Management: Management of configuration changes across an enterprise; Enterprise Security Management: Protection of information; Operations Management: Reaching business availability and cost-containment goals.

It also provides reduces the complexity of comprehensive IT management, integrates with tools and processes specific to a company’s organization; supports high availability businesses, implements security policies for IT administration, and provides a secure infrastructure for success in electronic commerce.

A print production and management system for Unix and NT environments, Macro 4 UniQPrint allows end users to manage and control documents from any host computer running a variant of the UNIX operating system or Windows NT® operating system.

UniQPrint helps customers control and manage the delivery of output to any media destination (printers, fax, e-mail, etc.). This capability is especially beneficial when used in e-business and document data warehouse environments. UniQPrint provides a solution to the printing and document management requirements of large, medium and small organizations, functioning across homogeneous and heterogeneous networks.

Benefits of UniQPrint include: print management solution for distributed systems; supports bi-directional printing; provides powerful tools for print monitoring; a scalable print management solution; high quality output; flexible implementation and usage; advanced Spool Management; application integration; advanced error recovery; comprehensive Audit Trail; and report archiving.

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