IBM eServer Sets New Record For Baan ERP Performance

IBM today announced its new IBM eServer pSeries 680 server has set a new world record for Baan Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application performance.

The benchmark test was run on a 24-way pSeries 680 using breakthrough IBM silicon-on-insulator microprocessors, running DB2 Universal Database on the industry's top-rated UNIX operating system, AIX 4.3.3.(2) The benchmark demonstrates the scalability of Baan ERP solutions running on IBM's new p680 UNIX server.

The p680's world record was established using the standard BaanERP benchmark suite in two-tier client/server mode which determines the exact number of Baan Reference Users (BRUs) that can be supported on a specific vendor's computer system. Joint Baan and IBM solutions are designed to scale to meet the demands of the world's largest companies, and support rapid business growth.

Benchmark Details

* The p680 running DB2 Universal Database registered a new record for performance with BaanERP in a Hosted configuration.

* These results were achieved at IBM's Austin, Texas facility on a 24-way p680, running BaanERP 5.0b with DB2 UDB v7.1 with PI in a two-tier Hosted configuration. With this setup, a mark of 11,886 Baan Reference Users (BRUs) was attained.

* A BRU represents a single user executing a session that generates a reference load on the system. By relating all BaanERP sessions to that reference load, the actual mix of sessions executed at any given implementation will determine the translation from the benchmark BRU to the maximum number of concurrent users for that implementation.

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