WRQ Apptrieve and Reflection Products Certified for IBM Netfinity Servers

WRQ Inc. (Seattle), a provider of integration and connectivity solutions for enterprises, announced that IBM has certified two of its host integration and access solutions, WRQ Apptrieve and WRQ Reflection for the Web, as “Netfinity Server Proven on Windows 2000.”

This certification provides IBM customers two enterprise solutions from deploying Windows 2000-compatible systems on Netfinity servers. The certified solutions are listed on IBM’s Netfinity Windows 2000 Web site, and in the new Windows 2000 Solutions Guide.

“The certification shows that our product can work the Netfinity,” says Donovan Deakin, technical product manager for Reflection for the Web, WRQ. He says the certification, and the testing that led to the certification shows that Reflection’s performance is at the level customers need.

To become Netfinity Server Proven on Windows 2000, Apptrieve and Reflection for the Web were fully deployed to Netfinity servers running Windows 2000. Both solutions were validated on both Netfinity and Windows 2000 through a series of tests including testing of emulation components, proxy servers and usage metering. Completing these tests, the products became certified, and also demonstrated compatibility for Windows 2000. WRQ Reflection for the Web is, according to WRQ, the only Web-to-host solution that is server proven Windows 2000.

“Both Apptrieve and Reflection for the Web are fairly easy to deploy,” says David Wright, product manager for Apptrieve at WRQ. He says that Reflection for the Web is a tactical solution, and Apptrieve is a strategic solution.

A host integration solution, Apptrieve is composed of server software and a set of development tools. It allows web developers to access host system data and logic, and feed them into web or other client/server applications. Apptrieve allows users to use existing business processes to build dynamic e-business applications, and also enables them to get e-business results without compromising the robustness, security, or the stability of existing legacy systems. It is also possible to interact with host application data, even without knowledge of the host system.

Reflection for the Web is a centrally managed web-to-host solution that lets customers quickly give users inside and outside the enterprise secure web access to IBM, HP, UNIX, and OpenVMS host applications. The Professional Edition includes automatic screen rejuvenation for IBM mainframe and AS/400 host applications.

WRQ Inc. is a provider of enterprise integration and connectivity software solutions. The company specializes in software and services that make information perform in today’s complex e-business environments. The company has 8 million users worldwide, and more than half of all Fortune 500 companies use WRQ solutions. WRQ was established in 1981 and has offices throughout the world and provides products and services in more than 50 countries.

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