CA Redesigns Data Modeling Process

ComputerAssociates is looking to change the way database administrators (DBAs) do datamodeling. CA's ERWin Examiner 1.0 will help users identify data designproblems.

Building onthe ERWin data modeling solution, ERWin Examiner speeds up database design anddeployment by allowing enterprises to view their complex data relationships andestablish data standards.

ERWinExaminer looks at data models and finds inconsistencies that affect databaseintegrity. The product creates diagnostic reports, validates database design,recommends improvements, and automatically creates alternative scripts toimplement design changes.

Thediagnostics and reporting feature finds inconsistencies in the design and thenorganizes reports about the problems into columns, indexes, constraints, andrelationships. The reports also isolate specific problems with the design soDBAs don’t lose countless hours reviewing complex designs for errors. CA refersto this as its product’s “Show Me” feature.

ERWinExaminer can explain the theories behind a diagnostic error messages. Insteadof just stating that there is a design problem or just offering a solution, theproduct offers DBAs the reasons why changes should be implemented. Examiner’s“Teach Me” function shows DBAs the effects of the database design choices theymake.

CA alsoannounced the availability of TurboTuner, a new component to the company’sManage-IT SQL Station solution. TurboTuner uses the SQL code in Oracle databaseapplications to improve the performance and scalability of e-business systems.

CA designedthis product – which it released at Oracle Open World – to help companiesfine-tune their SQL code and avoid poor e-business application performance.

TurboTunerlooks at the existing database code and suggests alternatives to improveprocesses. The tool enables developers of different skill levels to generate,test, and compare the run-time statistics of the suggested SQL statementsagainst the old ones. The product can also suggest corrections for typicalcoding mistakes. By making the comparisons between the original SQL code andthe suggested code automatically, TurboTuner saves developers time since theyno longer have to go through and rewrite and test each version.

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