B.O.S. Launches New e-Twin@x Controller

Fredrik Johnsen

B.O.S. Better On-line Solutions (Teradyon, Israel), a developer, producer and marketer of solutions for IBM mid-range-to-PC and LAN connectivity, including Internet/intranet, emulation gateways, and GUI, as well as printing solutions that are operating-system independent, is now shipping a new version of its e-Twin@x Controller, a hardware and software solution that provides a secure, encrypted connection to the AS/400 over the Internet or WAN and empowers local or remote Twinax networks to support TCP/IP.

“The e-Twin@x Controller continues to provide the best solution to bridging Twinax and Ethernet environments,” says Ed Cover, director of sales for B.O.S. North America. “Organizations can maintain their Twinax equipment and cabling, and still make the most out of TCP/IP enabled applications. Furthermore, in addition to supporting dial-in remote access to the AS/400, the e-Twin@x Controller provides low-cost, secure Virtual Private Network capability, making it the most versatile, sound investment a business can make in a controller today.”

Enhancements in the new version include new wizards for printing configuration (using CST Object Generator, CST Object Printing Test and CST Object Uploader), and automatic Windows NT-based installation programs for the TwinMailTM server (for e-Mail support on dumb Twinax terminals) and the SECURIT-e server (for secure connection over the Internet).

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