More Enhancements Released for XP256 Customers

HP has announced the release of its Surestore Disk Array XP256. Since the introduction of the XP256 on May 5, 1999, HP has provided 'in frame' investment protection for the XP256 customers and strives to continually address the needs of the XP256 customers. HP's coinciding goal is to provide investment protection with the introduction of new hardware and software products, disaster recovery enhancements and the continued availability of 'add-ons' to the XP256 installed base.

In November 2000, HP began offering a new 73GB/10k RPM SCSI drive, which allows the XP256 to scale to more than 18TBs in a single frame. Additional XP256 enhancements include the Windows 2000 Datacenter clustering certification, Novell Netware certification and enhancements to the XP256 software suite with the recently announced Performance Advisor XP. Also enhanced in the XP256 is the IBM AIX consolidation solution and services, the disaster recovery solution. This is done by including Cluster Extension XP (Metro Distance Disaster Recovery Solution) for AIX and Solaris environments, Continuous Access XP support over IP using CNT technology and HP Auto Path XP for Windows 2000 and NT 4.0.

HP introduced the XP512 in July 2000, and the XP48 on November 9, 2000. These new arrays support interoperability with the XP256 and meet customer demands for remote data mirroring and long distance disaster recovery when using the Continuous Access XP software. In addition, the XP48, XP512 and XP256 are all commonly managed through the web based Command View XP management software.

HP will soon be offering a trade-in program for XP256 customers who want to advance to the latest XP512 technology. In addition, HP continues to offer XP256 expansion products such as 73Gb disk drives and the full range of software products for those customers who choose to stay with the XP256. HP will provide support services for the XP256 hardware products for a full five years.

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