Catalyst, Viewlocity Partner to Provide Supply Chain Collaboration

Fredrik Johnsen

Catalyst International (Milwaukee), a global supplier of supply chain execution software, and Viewlocity (Atlanta), a leading global provider of software and services that integrate e-business networks and synchronize supply webs, have signed an OEM agreement whereby Viewlocity's AMTrix integration broker will be bundled with Catalyst's Web-based warehouse management solution (WMS).

"Combining the collaborative qualities of Viewlocity's Integration Broker with WMS will provide Catalyst customers with the visibility and integration technology required in a 21st-century company," says Sean McGowan, president and CEO of Catalyst. "Exploiting these technologies is mandatory for companies creating highly optimized supply chains in today's Internet-driven marketplace. Although there are a multitude of vendors offering integration software, we partnered with Viewlocity because they fully understand the complex nature of today's supply chain environment. At Catalyst, we want our customers to be the leaders in their respective industries. Viewlocity is helping us achieve that goal."

"Business today is collaborative and global," says Greg Cronin, CEO of Viewlocity. "With instant access to countless suppliers, distributors, and retailers possible, the supply chain has been transformed into a supply web. The first step to effectively managing a supply web is to ensure real time communications between many different systems. Catalyst understands this well and will deliver this access to their many customers."

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