IBM Mindspan Solutions Adds Management Development Training to E-Learning Portfolio

Fredrik Johnsen

IBM Mindspan Solutions (Somers, N.Y.), a provider of e-learning solutions, has made additions to its portfolio of offerings including a management development training solution, enhancements to Lotus LearningSpace and new relationships with training companies.

The Management Development Training Solution is designed to help customers improve employee leadership skills, work climate and retention rates. This solution is designed to help organizations improve employee leadership skills, work climate and retention rates. Further, the training program allows managers to understand how to address new and different work environments, such as managing in large, complex organizations and collaborating across worldwide departments.

Also, the Lotus LearningSpace family of products is being expanded to include an updated version of Lotus LearningSpace (4.01), Lotus LearningSpace Forum 3.5 and the availability of the Lotus Notes Release 4-5 User Migration e-learning Bundle. Lotus LearningSpace 4.01 is now designed to comply with the Aviation Industry CBT Committee (AICC) guidelines, a widely accepted standard for integrating content with learning platforms. Lotus LearningSpace expands its database support to include DB2 6.1 and Oracle 8.16 and now offers tighter integration for existing NETg and SmartForce training content, allowing the content to be easily managed and tracked within the Lotus LearningSpace system.

Finally, new relationships with CBM Technologies, NETg, SmartForce and Macromedia provide enhancements to the IBM Mindspan Solutions portfolio, launched in May 2000, which allows customers the ability to plan for, create, and deploy best-of- breed e-learning solutions.

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