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FDR Plug and Swap

Innovation Data Processing's FDR Plug and Swap (FDRPAS) allows non-disruptive movement of OS/390 disk volumes from one disk device to another without disrupting normal operations or requiring a re-IPL. FDRPAS supports a wide variety of disk devices from hardware vendors, including IBM, EMC, StorageTek, Amdahl and Hitachi. It can swap disk volumes between disks from the same hardware vendor or different hardware vendors without any special software or hardware modifications. FDRPAS can swap volumes in use on a single system image, as well as those attached to multiple systems or LPARs in a shared-DASD complex or sysplex. For more information, visit

Offline Explorer Pro 1.4

MetaProducts Corporation's Offline Explorer Pro v. 1.4 lets you download Internet directories, files and entire Web sites, and work with them offline. Using keywords, Offline Explorer Pro allows the user to selectively include or exclude individual servers, directories and files. Offline Explorer Pro will begin to download all of the pages and files named, with up to 500 files being captured simultaneously. Once a project has been downloaded, results can be viewed on a default Internet browser or Offline Explorer Pro's internal browser. There is support for MPEG3 Play List files (.M3U), HTML, Java scripts and applets, XML/XSL and Flash applets. For more information, visit their Web site at

IBM's Infoprint 70

IBM's Infoprint 70 is designed to produce highly-complex, graphic-intensive print jobs. Features include a 400 MHz RISC-based controller with 128 MB of memory, four paper trays standard that provide a total of 3,150 sheets of input capacity, and an optional 3,000 sheet high-capacity feeder, and 2,200 sheets of total output capacity in two stackers, with the main output stacker offering multi-position stapling of up to 50 sheets. Multi-resolution support allows users to run existing 240- or 300-dpi applications and print them at 600-dpi. Infoprint 70 supports the AFP/IPDS data stream, while Infoprint Manager enables the printer to accept multiple data streams. The Infoprint 70 is available for a list price of $49,995. For more information, vist their Web site at

UniQPrint for Linux on S/390

Macro 4's UniQPrint solution for Linux on the S/390 gives users a single point of control for cross-platform enterprise printing from an S/390 platform running Linux. This integrates mainframe printing with enterprisewide printing, and assures users delivery of their document from point of origin to any output destination, be it print, fax, e-mail or Web site posting. By running UniQPrint and Linux on the S/390 platform, users can take advantage of the availability, scalability, performance and cost benefits of the mainframe, while having the flexibility to manage printing across a distributed network. For more information, visit

Montrose's MDFile

Montrose Development's MDFile gives access to functions, such as creating shortcuts, changing file attributes, associating files with applications, and copying and renaming files in a single operation. Searches are performed using simple filenames or complex search criteria and wild cards. MDFile includes access to the full range of ZIP archiving functions. MDFile's word processor lets you create and edit documents, and save them as text or rich text format (RTF) files.MDFile enables viewing of ICO, BMP, WMF, JPG and GIF files (including animated GIF's), and listening to WAV files. MDFile is available for $29.95. For more information, visit

Dolphin Goes Wireless

Hand Held Products announces availability of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11b-compliant wireless versions of its DOS-based Dolphin 7200 Portable Computer and Bar Code Scanner (PDT) and of its new Dolphin 7400 PDT with Windows CE Operating System. The wireless PDTs enable automatic data collection and transmission over the 2.4GHz ISM frequency to Local Area Networks (LANs). The new RF versions interoperate with other RF devices and peripherals conforming to the same industry standard. For more information, visit

Aurora FRS Chassis

Rackmaster Systems Inc.'s Aurora FRS (Fault Resilient Series) chassis comes standard with two redundant "hot swappable" 300W ATX power supplies. In the event of a power supply failure, an audible alarm is triggered and the LEDs on the front of the enclosure give a clear visual status of which power supply has failed. Power supply upgrade options are available to go to a dual 400W configuration or a quad 620W configuration. The Aurora FRS provides three 120mm, 90 CFM cooling fans for the chassis and dedicated 60mm 25CFM cooling fans. The chassis is built with a removable ATX motherboard mount or backplane mount (up to 20 slots) at the rear of the chassis. Pricing starts at $1,295. For more information, call Charles Koch at (952) 278-1000.

Informix's XPS Version 8.31

Informix Corporation's newest version of Extended Parallel Server (XPS) 8.31 includes comprehensive data warehousing features and provides a "no ceilings" approach to data warehousing, with no limit to database size, number of users, type or complexity of query or schema design. XPS 8.31 also delivers high-power decision support and ad hoc query performance. New features include mixed query workload management, automatic query modification and continued performance evolution. For more information, visit

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