LiveSupport Enables IT Control Customers’ Computers Remotely

Support personnel can quickly solve problems controlling customers’ computers directly.

Salt Lake City, Utah, February 23, 2005 Blue Squirrel, Inc. today announced the availability of LiveSupport. A technician’s dream, LiveSupport enables support personnel to control customers’ computers remotely and resolve issues.

A simple problem-resolution technology for IT help desks and contact centers, LiveSupport lowers total call volumes by reducing repeat calls, speeding up process to handle more complex incidents, and increasing first-call resolutions. With LiveSupport, a customer downloads a small file, and the customer screen appears on the technician's computer screen with the technician in control. The customer watches while the problem is fixed, the technician disconnects, the software is automatically uninstalled and a message appears letting the customer know the software has been safely uninstalled.

LiveSupport features include:

  • Multiple Sessions: A technician can have multiple sessions with unlimited customers.

  • Direct Connect: LAN/WAN or Internet connection is made directly from the customer to the technician's workstation. No third-party servers can go down, or have reliability problems.

  • File Transfer: A technician can transfer files either to or from the customer system.

  • Clipboard Support: Copy and paste to/from the customer computer.

  • Chat: A technician can open a chat window and converse with the customer to give additional instructions or answer questions. Automatic Uninstall: The program is removed from the customer's computer when the technician disconnects.

  • Security: The connection can only be initiated outbound by a customer to a technician’s workstation.

Product Availability

An interactive demonstration is available by telephoning Blue Squirrel. A single technicians workstation carries an affordable list price of $499.95, and additional workstations are $299.95 by visiting Blue Squirrel’s online store,, or calling 800-403-0925, or 801-352-1551. No limits are placed on number of customers supported by one technician workstation. A 10% introductory discount is available until March 31, 2005.

Product Requirements

LiveSupport requires a Windows OS and an Internet connection.

About Blue Squirrel

Founded in 1995 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Blue Squirrel,, develops and markets Internet software, including WebWhacker, WebSeeker, Spam Sleuth, Click2PDF, and ClickBook.

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