OpTier Debuts CoreFirst for Transaction Workload Management

CoreFirst™ provides unprecedented control over IT resources, assures IT business service levels and optimizes IT infrastructure use

NEW YORK, NY - April 11, 2005 - Today OpTier announced the debut of CoreFirst™, an innovative solution that ensures consistent, predictable performance for IT business services. CoreFirst automatically prevents performance problems in real time and provides transaction-level visibility into multi-tier workloads in production. With CoreFirst, organizations can, for the first time, both assure service levels as well as optimize the resources of their IT infrastructure to support business needs. CoreFirst proactively aligns IT performance with business objectives, providing proven results that directly impact the bottom line.

In today’s multi-tier IT systems, IT staff lack the visibility to diagnose and fix service failures. Moreover, these systems typically provide the same level of service to all transactions, regardless of their business priority. As a result, most IT organizations waste time and resources as they fight fires or over-provision to address constant performance and availability service level issues.

CoreFirst non-invasively tracks every transaction across all IT tiers so organizations can clearly map their IT business service topology, pinpoint issues rapidly, and assess business impacts with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Organizations can then prioritize transactions according to business needs and dynamically allocate IT resources to meet those policies. For instance, a bank can ensure that customer inquiries needing immediate response consistently receive higher priority than back-office queries that are less time sensitive. CoreFirst’s prioritization and tracking capabilities combine to deliver an unprecedented level of quality and reliability to the user experience. IT organizations can eliminate unacceptable service levels, ensuring that their service level agreements are consistently met.

“OpTier is distinctive in both the efficiency and relevance of its transaction-centric approach to providing IT customers with a solution that proactively optimizes the infrastructure in real time to meet business priorities,” said Dennis Drogseth, vice president, Enterprise Management Associates. “Businesses are dynamic, so they need IT systems that can flex with changing demands and new applications. CoreFirst helps IT organizations respond quickly to align with business needs.”

With CoreFirst, organizations can now deliver more from their current IT infrastructure. Many organizations only use five to 15 percent of their capacity on average because they are over-provisioning to address spikes. Instead of over-provisioning, organizations can now track and control resource usage, flattening resource utilization curves and reducing their total IT infrastructure cost of ownership.

“CoreFirst is the first IT solution that guarantees service levels for critical business processes while optimizing resource use,” said Yori Lavi, OpTier’s CEO. “Most importantly, CoreFirst’s implementation is transparent to applications and requires no customization. Organizations can automatically and continuously discover the topology of their IT services and auto-adaptively align IT resources with business needs. By allowing organizations to ‘put first things first’ CoreFirst bridges the gap that exists in today’s offerings and complements and leverages investments that customers have made in high level service level management initiatives as well as infrastructure management solutions.”

CoreFirst is shipping today and is available for multiple pervasive computing platforms.

About OpTier

OpTier™ is a leading provider of software that dynamically manages transaction workloads to assure IT business service levels and optimize resources for the enterprise. To learn more about OpTier and CoreFirst, visit http://www.optier.com or e-mail us at info@optier.com

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