BrightUser SecurityView Released for Use with CA-Top Secret

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- April 14, 2005 -- Accelation Software, Inc. has released its BrightUser SecurityView system that helps security and auditing teams manage mainframe access information. BrightUser SecurityView helps teams reduce the time required to manage user accesses and privileges by making it easy to identify inappropriate rights, accesses, and authorizations.

BrightUser SecurityView is a desktop-based system that uses a snapshot of the CA-Top Secret information to provide visual and printed information about user status, and about users' access to resources, application programs, files, and processes. A user doesn't need to know Top Secret.

Ad hoc queries and reports are provided immediately, eliminating delays due in requesting lengthy reports. This allows security and auditing workgroups to identify potential security issues from their desktop interactively.

BrightUser SecurityView uses a database located on a desktop, providing security and auditing workgroups with quick access to identify:

  • Unused user accounts

  • Inappropriate dataset access permissions

  • Uauthorized access to application programs

  • Unused datasets


and more

These inappropriate authorizations can occur because users have changed positions within the company, but still have accesses and rights of their old positions. In addition, BrightUser SecurityView can be used to find obsolete IDs used by jobs, tasks, and application-specific devices (e.g., CICS terminals).

This helps auditing and security management improve security control, risk compliance, and reduces auditing management time.

BrightUser SecurityView compliments CA-Top Secret products from Computer Associates International, Inc. and is designed for security auditing and management staff needing to view and report on security settings but not alter security settings.

By separating security control from security auditing and management the enterprise is assured that no inadvertent changes to security settings will be made.

BrightUser SecurityView is developed using the BrightUser development environment and uses a standard database. This means that the auditing and management staff can develop custom applications that relate security access profiles to the corporate employee structure, the network structure, and other unique situations.

BrightUser SecurityView is available in several configurations, including:

  • Software application for installation on a desktop workstation

  • Software application for use on a high-performance server accessed by several users via the BrightUser SecurityView client software

  • Pre-installed software/hardware system for use as either a workgroup server or desktop workstation

BrightUser SecurityView is available via CD-ROM or Internet download. Customization and training is available from Accelation's security support organization.

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