Managed Objects Solution Effectively Manages IT Service Configurations

BSN leader’s new product capitalizes on integration strengths to speed enterprise IT process maturity, lower risk, and manage change

MCLEAN, Va. -- April 19, 2005 -- Managed Objects, the Business Service Management Company, today launched new software technology that facilitates the adoption of BSM and process maturity models such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Managed Objects’ Business Service Configuration Management (BSCM) solution integrates IT service topology information with virtually any configuration or asset data source. In addition, BSCM maps complex IT service relationships to formulate and visualize a virtual Configuration Management Data Base (vCMDB™). Leveraging this unique federated CMDB approach, Managed Objects’ BSCM provides real-time alerts when changes occur anywhere within the IT service configuration.

“The first wave of business services management implementations are being followed by a large number of change and configuration management initiatives -- what was once considered a boring topic for lower-level IT operations staff is now on the agenda of CIOs of $1-billion plus companies,” noted Jean-Pierre Garbani and Thomas Mendel in their report titled "Change and Configuration Management" from Forrester Research, Inc., in November 2004. “A key driver of the increased adoption of the ideas of change and configuration management can be found in the quest for more automation of IT operations.”

Compared with traditional CMDB approaches, Managed Objects’ vCMDB creation yields tremendous savings in time and resources. Managed Objects’ software can build a vCMDB in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to months or years. In addition, hardware and personnel costs are significantly lower because the vCMDB eliminates the need for multiple copies of CMDB data.

BSCM uses a new and distinctive agent-less IT service discovery mechanism called Business Technology Insight™ (BTI) to understand IT service infrastructure topology. The BTI service topology discovery tool finds and maps critical IT elements that are beyond the control and visibility of existing management systems.

BSCM also has powerful integration capabilities which have been a cornerstone of Managed Objects’ software from the beginning. This, in combination with BTI’s pervasive service discovery ability, provides the information needed to develop a comprehensive view of the IT service infrastructure. In other words, the result is one coherent and easy to understand picture of the relationships and dependencies across all managed and discovered technology elements.

For companies looking to implement process maturity models such as ITIL, BSCM provides key capabilities that enable IT organizations to speed the adoption of best practices. Because BSCM shortens the time needed to create a vCMDB, companies can begin to leverage a unified configuration data model quickly and easily, which assures that any of the multi-vendor tools selected in support of ITIL implementation will all use the same configuration data.

“Building a CMDB has been one of the greatest challenges for enterprises adopting a process maturity model like ITIL,” said Siki Giunta, CEO of Managed Objects. “Managed Objects’ vCMDB approach assures that multi-vendor tools work together to alert IT operations about planned and unplanned changes to the service configuration. This is a significant catalyst to acceleration onto the ITIL adoption highway.”

Managed Objects’ BSCM is, in effect, the next innovative evolution in the rapidly growing industry of Business Service Management (BSM). BSM software enables large organizations to holistically manage IT components as related elements that collectively deliver IT services to the business such as e-mail, supply chain management or e-commerce systems.

“Enterprises are again beginning to view automation as a strategic advantage that increases value for the business, as opposed to a measure for merely reducing costs,” added Giunta. “We are experiencing first-hand an increased demand for BSM; our BSCM initiative is in response to customers who have asked for an even easier entry point to BSM implementations.”

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