SDS VIP 4.Reports TN3270 Response Times on z/OS-TCP/IP Networks

April 21, 2005 -- Vital Signs IP Monitor (VIP), a real-time, browser-based management utility for TCP/IP on z/OS mainframes, now monitors the response times experienced by TN3270 users.

Guided by customer demand, Software Diversified Services (SDS) pursues a steady schedule of new-feature development, and today announces the release of VIP version 4.0, which includes TN3270 monitoring.

VIP is a complete performance monitor for TCP/IP networks running on z/OS mainframes. With VIP 4.0, mainframe administrators at common desktop browsers can know exactly how fast users are served by their networks. Response times for all TN3270 sessions are available in real time, historical trends can be automatically charted, and immediate trouble alerts can arrive anywhere by e-mail.

For Fortune-1000-scale enterprises, VIP monitors availability, performance, and demand for FTP, telnet, OSA, Enterprise Extender, and all TCP-listener applications. For z/OS and OS/390 mainframes, VIP provides real-time information, through an intuitive browser interface, with ultra-low system overhead. Network administrators get pro-active trouble alerts by e-mail and Internet.

Among VIP's features and benefits:

  • Nothing and no one passes through your network that you can’t track down and identify

  • Service levels to users are easy to measure, document, and chart

  • When you diagnose trouble, you start with all the facts

  • When you predict future demands, you don’t have to guess

  • You can run IBM packet traces on-line or with simple-to-configure batch jobs

  • You get mainframe management via state-of-the-art secure Internet and GUI interfaces. VIP 4.0 tells you about network performance right now, immediately; it also remembers network performance over weeks, months, even years

  • Get performance and packet trace data immediately

  • Schedule history reports and traces to run later, nightly, weekly

  • See network history in text or HTML

SDS, founded 1981, is noted for the highest quality software, documentation, and technical support in the business. Its support has been rated number 1 by the prestigious IBEX Bulletin. SDS supports 20-plus MVS, VM and VSE systems products, and related PC software, for more than 1,500 clients worldwide.

For more information, a free white paper, or a live demonstration by Webcast, visit or write to

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