Binary Research International Releases Universal Imaging Utility 2.0

Maintain, upgrade, clone, or deploy enterprise computers

April 26, 2005 - Milwaukee, WI - Binary Research International today announced the availability of the Universal Imaging Utility 2.0 (UIU), the only solution for those needing to maintain, upgrade, clone, and deploy hundreds or thousands of different computers within an enterprise environment. Loading in a clean hard drive image can be the fastest and best way to clean up computers compromised by viruses, spyware, bad drivers, or bad data.

UIU 2.0 was designed to work with leading hard drive cloning and data back-up solutions such as Symantec Ghost, Drive Image Pro, and the Altiris Migration Suite. UIU 2.0 finally makes it possible for these programs to create a single hard disk copy or image that will work with a wide range of platforms and configurations.

The UIU application is used immediately prior to creating a base image file of a Windows XP or 2000 computer and provides the user with a single executable image that can be deployed, via cloning software, to any Windows XP or 2000 computer, regardless of the manufacturer make, model, or configuration set-up. Using UIU 2.0 to prepare the source PC greatly simplifies the cloning process and eliminates error messages and “blue screens” on the target machines.

“UIU saved my company thousands of man hours by allowing me to combine the 20 different Ghost images we have into one,” said Kevin Riley, Network Administrator, TRICARE Management Activity - Department of Defense. “It also helped make our network more secure knowing that every single computer, regardless of hardware, is exactly the same.” According to John T Prescott, Network Manager/Administrator for the City of Melbourne, Florida, “My technicians used to take six hours to load and patch a new system. With UIU it now takes six minutes!”

“The new Universal Imaging Utility 2.0 makes it possible to create a single clone image that will work for all of an organization’s Windows XP and 2000 computers, regardless of hardware configuration,” said Jim Szopinski, Executive Vice President, Binary Research International Inc. “The UIU 2.0 enables IT departments to drastically reduce the time and money spent on image creation and deployment by streamlining the cloning process. UIU 2.0 can work with virtually all brands and models of motherboards, graphics and audio cards, IDE and ATA hard drives, and optical devices.”

Even though it is smaller in size, the new UIU 2.0 application provides a greatly improved user interface that is much more intuitive and easy to use, integrated help files, online updating for new security patches and drivers, expanded peripheral and component support, and overall better performance.

Licensing for the UIU 2.0 is per-seat and is based on the number of computers that receive an image prepared with UIU. Pricing starts at $US19.00 per seat for up to 99 computers and goes down to $8.60 for 5,000 or more licenses.

About Binary Research International

Founded in 1997, Binary Research International was a subsidiary of Binary Research Ltd., the original developer of Ghost, now known as Symantec Ghost. While they continue to sell, train and consult in the use of Ghost, their Developer Services division has introduced several new software products to the U.S. market, including Death2Spam, NetIQ’s Marshal products, RemotelyAnywhere, Liquid Media and UIU. For more information, visit

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