Conversion Services International Addresses Business Impact of Data Quality with New Service Offering

DQXpress(tm) helps to quickly assess and improve data quality to support sound decision-making and regulatory compliance

EAST HANOVER, N.J. (May 9, 2005) -- Conversion Services International, Inc. ("CSI"), a professional services firm exclusively focused on delivering the value in business intelligence, data warehousing, and data management solutions to Global 2000 organizations and other businesses, today announced the launch of a new service offering known as DQXpress.

Designed for companies seeking to formalize a continuous data quality improvement program, DQXpress "jumpstarts" the process by identifying, prioritizing, and planning the resolution of critical data quality issues in just four weeks.

Tim Furey, CSI's Chief Technology Officer said, "Industry research estimates that low data quality costs businesses billions of dollars and seriously reduces the success rate of strategic data-related initiatives. Previously downplayed as a lesser annoyance, low data quality is now acknowledged as a serious business problem that begs to be addressed. CSI DQXpress is a proactive means for companies to ensure the consistent delivery of accurate, reliable, and trusted information for their enterprises."

Scott Newman, CSI's President, said, "Previously, data quality was perceived to be an IT problem. In reality, it's one of the most crushing business issues faced by organizations today. Having confidence in the accuracy and comprehensiveness of one's data is essential to sound decision-making and regulatory compliance. That's why we've launched DQXpress - it's designed to rapidly assess and continuously improve data quality."

The four-week service offering that utilizes CSI's expertise, processes, and technology, DQXpress includes:

  • Hands-on data quality assessment on a targeted scope

  • Deployment of a performance management framework on an existing business intelligence platform for ongoing auditing and monitoring of data quality (at no additional cost to the client)

  • Development of a best practices data quality plan and implementation strategy

  • Formal training in best practices and data quality technology.

Furey noted, "This offering is truly unique, since at the end of the engagement, CSI seeks to transfer knowledge to the client so that they can continue to improve their data quality on their own."

Also unique to this offering is CSI's inclusion of leading-edge data-quality technology, which can be installed at no additional cost to the client. Furey added, "Our long-standing relationships with best-of-breed vendors enable us to leverage their technology on behalf of our clients. Few, if any, solutions providers can include these market leading products as part of a service offering at no additional cost to the client."

Attractively priced at approximately one-third of similar offerings, DQXpress is available now. More information about DQXpress can be found at

About Conversion Services International, Inc.

Conversion Services International, Inc. (CSI) is a leading provider of a new category of professional services focusing on strategic consulting, data warehousing, business intelligence, and information technology management solutions. CSI offers an array of products and services to help companies define, develop, and implement the warehousing and strategic use of both enterprise-wide and specific categories of strategic data. Information about CSI can be found on the Web at or by calling its corporate headquarters at 888-CSI-5036.

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