Innovativ's New Identity Management Solutions Help Organizations Manage Growing Enterprise Security Concerns

Platform-independent solutions deliver centralized access control to business-critical enterprise assets

EDISON, N.J. (May 23, 2005) - Innovativ, a solutions integrator delivering business-critical information access and visibility through technology-based communications products and solutions, today announced the availability of its new Identity Management solution set that provides compliance accountability and centralized control of user provisioning for access to the enterprise network infrastructure. Innovativ's Identity Management offerings empower organizations to effectively provision and remove user access (both internal and external) to corporate assets in an efficient and timely manner, including IT resources, information, and applications, resulting in a mitigation of security risks.

According to a recent report by Forrester Research, regulatory compliance requirements, such as those mandated by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPAA, will be the primary driver for enterprise investment in identity management in 2005 and beyond. Organizations will also look to centralized identity management solutions to improve administration through provisioning, single sign-on and federated identities, and to strengthen assurances of user identities through strong authentication processes.

"With the proliferation of virtual enterprises and compliance regulations, application access and resource security are high priorities for organizations," stated Paul DeSantis, director of Innovativ's Advanced Solutions. "Businesses are expanding the availability of real-time access to sensitive, business-critical enterprise IT resources to a broadening number of constituents, including customers, partners, consultants and vendors. Combined with a high number -- and the corresponding expense -- of orphaned accounts, this access creates security exposures for organizations that can be addressed with a comprehensive, tailored identity management solution."

Innovativ's Identity Management solutions bind security, compliance, and business process management, giving organizations a central location to control access to resources. The solutions are platform independent and can be seamlessly integrated with a host of back-end applications and data streams, thus allowing for smooth implementation into an organization's existing network infrastructure. Innovativ's Identity Management solutions are thin-client, browser-based, and the user interface can be easily tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization.

DeSantis commented, "Our Identity Management solution set provides an organization's technology and business staff with a tailored, centralized control mechanism to meet regulatory compliance through the accountability of all enterprise entry points and notification of the changes that have occurred in the enterprise. It is easy to manage and maintain while providing almost instantaneous return on investment through the efficiency gained by administration reduction."

The end-to-end solution set includes three Sun Microsystems' components -- Access Manager, Identity Manager and Directory Server Enterprise Edition. The Access Manager component provides secure, streamlined and standards-based access management through single sign-on functionality and federated identity. Identity Manager delivers superior integrated user provisioning, password management and identity synchronization services. This component also provides accountability through accurate record keeping and enables the "deprovisioning" of orphaned accounts. This ability to gauge which resources the user could access allows the organization to close off all accounts, thereby significantly decreasing its vulnerability. The Directory Server Enterprise Edition includes industry-leading directory capabilities that are highly available and scalable as well as manageable and secure. The Directory Server utilizes a hierarchal, roles-based structure and offers Active Directory synchronization services.

"The Directory Server component is particularly crucial in merger and acquisition situations where organizations might not have a centralized directory solution to view which users are accessing what information," said DeSantis. "Innovativ's Identity Management offerings also meet the needs of organizations that are looking for ways to consolidate instead of managing multiple vendors and solutions. Innovativ's experience allows us to assess the needs of the organization and design a tailored identity management solution for each client."

About Innovativ

Based in Edison, N.J., Innovativ is one of four affiliate companies of Innovativ Systems Design, Inc. An experienced solutions integrator specializing in communications products and solutions, Innovativ provides offerings in core competency areas including mobility, identity management, server-centric computing, integration services, hardware, middleware and storage. For more information, please visit Innovativ online at

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