NetSupport 24-7 -- New “On-Demand” Web-based Remote Support Solution

NetSupport extends its product portfolio to include Web-based on-demand remote PC access and support

Alpharetta, GA -- July 27, 2005 -- With more organizations outsourcing all or part of their entire IT operations to a third party, the demands on effective Web-based remote support tools continue to grow. NetSupport 24-7 provides a dynamic, secure, and powerful on-demand support solution combining full high-speed PC remote control with real time hardware and software inventory, file transfer, screen annotation, full text and audio chat/messaging facilities, chat history, and the ability to push Web pages and remotely launch applications.

Away from the traditional LAN/WAN environments, many organizations are seeking “on-demand” PC remote control, where fixed IT staffing and maintenance costs are replaced by predictable monthly fees without any upfront licensing costs.

“As the MSP, ASP and ISP business models continue to grow, so, too, does the need for providing flexible high quality PC remote support solutions. Many of these managed service providers are dealing with numerous clients on a variety of different independent networks. It’s simply not viable for these providers to bear the up front license cost of providing remote support capabilities where a proportion of that investment may go unused” says Marcus Kingsley, group marketing manager at NetSupport. “NetSupport 24-7 is about flexibility and choice with no upfront licensing or software pre-installation.”

NetSupport 24-7 initially offers support to Win 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, 2003, and XP, utilizing http communications to allow secure connections between the operator and end user, even if both are resident behind a firewall. All communication is encrypted, ranging from 56bit DES to 256bit AES levels. As an Internet-based solution, any connection from a 128k ISDN, ADSL, DSL, or cable through to a LAN connection can be utilized.

To use the NetSupport 24-7 hosted solution, simply create an account in minutes and select a monthly or annual subscription based on the likely usage levels.

Support can be provided to an unlimited number of end users with no upfront costs. Actual charges are based only on the physical incidents of providing support.

For more information and to sign up for a free 30 day evaluation account, visit

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